Scrawl formed in 2013 on the occasion of the release of a CD of that tile by Christopher Burns (electric guitar) and Hal Rammel (amplified palettes).  As Scrawl they played their CD release event at Woodland pattern Book Center on Groundhog Day 2014, playing one set as a duo and the second set with Jim Schoenecker (synthesizer).

In January of 2015, a second CD appeared as a download title on Universal Reptile with the title Flares, drawing upon 23 short bursts of improvisation by the duo from their 2013 sessions.

In March of 2015 another chapter has begun as we have begun to work with Christopher Burns’ program Xenoglossia  processing the signals from Chris’ electric guitar and my amplified palettes (one hand held and bowed and two more played percussively as table top instruments) as four unique channels. Xenoglossia shuffles the ‘effects’ in a complex and seemingly random fashion. It can be very willful and labile. The environment changes rapidly but not so quickly that we can’t react and develop the fresh ideas it throws our way. It often feels like a trio with a particularly recalcitrant colleague, one who sometimes seems distracted, perhaps even passive aggressive, but who often enough presents better ideas than I might have had for moving the music forward. This new move into the realms of Xenoglossia has been particularly inspiring for me, a fresh look at what it means to freely improvise.

Our newest CD collection of improvised duets, Containing Only Magnitudes, available on Universal Reptile at this bandcamp page.



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